China's Xi meets France's Macron, calls for avoiding 'new Cold War'

Chinese President Xi Jinping has told his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron that China and France should work together to fend off a "new Cold War."

Xi met Macron in Paris on Monday. This was part of Xi's first trip to Europe in five years and coincided with the 60th anniversary of diplomatic ties between China and France.

The visit appears to be an attempt by Beijing to strengthen ties with France amid confrontation with the United States. Xi told Macron that their countries should try to uphold independence and promote the equitable and orderly multi-polarization of the world.

Macron said at a joint news conference after the talks that the countries will be able to play a useful role in ensuring global stability.

The meeting comes at a time when Beijing is criticized for its subsidies to certain sectors, which experts say are leading to trade imbalances with other countries. Macron stressed the need for a framework of fair competition.

The leaders also discussed the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Macron said France welcomes China's attempt not to sell any weapons to Russia, as well as its commitment to imposing strict export controls on goods that can be used for military purposes.

Xi said China has been playing a role in the effort to bring peace to Ukraine, instead of being an onlooker.

The leaders also agreed to call for a truce in the world during the upcoming Paris Summer Olympics. Their call comes amid the tense situations in Ukraine and the Middle East.