Japan pledges $1 billion for ADB fund to combat climate change

Japan says it will contribute about 160 billion yen, or around 1.04 billion dollars, to an Asian Development Bank fund to help low-income nations combat climate change.

Finance Minister Suzuki Shunichi discussed the donation Sunday at an ADB annual meeting in Georgia's capital, Tbilisi.

The bank earlier agreed to replenish its fund to support its poorest and most vulnerable developing member nations with 5 billion dollars.

Suzuki said Asia-Pacific economies are key to raising global economic growth. He said the region is also facing a variety of challenges such as poverty and disasters caused by climate change.

Suzuki said Japan is ready to proactively support island nations and other places that are vulnerable to climate change.

Suzuki also said he expects the ADB to continue playing a major role for regional prosperity.

He also revealed a plan for Japan to host the ADB's 60th annual meeting in 2027. This would be the first such gathering in the country since one was held in Yokohama in 2017.