Gaza talks continue but still no clear sign of agreement

Talks are reportedly underway in the Egyptian capital to secure a deal for a Gaza ceasefire and the release of hostages. Israeli media have reported that Israel will not send delegates to Cairo unless Hamas accepts a recent proposal.

News outlets reported on Saturday that a delegation of the Islamic group Hamas and US CIA Director William Burns have arrived in Egypt. Egypt is mediating the talks.

Hamas said it will come to the negotiating table with a positive attitude in order to reach an agreement.

Egyptian media have quoted Egyptian sources as saying numerous issues have been agreed upon so far.

A recent proposal includes a 40-day truce for the return of hostages in stages and then it will move on to the next phase.

It is uncertain whether Hamas, which demands a complete ceasefire, and Israel which aims to destroy Hamas, will be able to reach a consensus.

Meanwhile, the Israeli assault on Gaza continues despite the ongoing talks.

Local media reported on Saturday that three people including two children were killed when a house in Rafah was bombed. About 1.2 million Palestinians including many who have taken refuge from Israeli bombings in other parts of Gaza are in Rafah.

Local health authorities say that 34,654 people have been killed in the current conflict.