Police crack down on US campus protests

Universities across the US have seen protests against the conflict in Gaza grow more violent. Police in New York made about 300 arrests from Tuesday night to Wednesday morning.

Columbia University is trying to restore order to the campus after a night of chaos. Dozens of people had holed up inside a building before police moved in. Other protestors clashed with officers a few blocks away at the City College of New York.

New York Mayor Eric Adams held a news conference after the arrests. He said, "We cannot allow what should be a lawful protest to turn into a violent spectacle that saves and serves no purpose."

Police were also called in at the University of California, Los Angeles, where pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli protestors faced off. It took them hours to subdue the violence.

One student said people were beating others with bats and sticks and throwing "whatever they could." She said it took a while for law enforcement officers to get to the scene.

UCLA administrators said the tactics of some demonstrators have been "shocking and shameful." They have canceled classes.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said President Joe Biden is "monitoring the situation closely." She added that Americans have the right to protest peacefully but that forcibly taking over buildings is "just not."