Russia displays Western 'trophy' weapons captured in Ukraine

The Russian defense ministry is displaying Western tanks and other "trophy" weapons it says were captured by Russian forces in Ukraine.

Over 30 pieces of military equipment, including US and German tanks, are on public display at an exhibition that opened Wednesday in Moscow's Victory Park.

The show is apparently intended to highlight Russia's achievements in Ukraine and to lift the nation's spirits regarding the war.

Among the heavy equipment on display are a German Leopard 2 tank as well as a US-made Abrams tank and a Bradley infantry fighting vehicle.

Russia's defense ministry says the display also includes weapons provided to Ukraine by other NATO member states such as Britain and France.

Footage from the exhibit shows a tank with a damaged track and a vehicle riddled with bullet holes, indicating the fierce fighting that took place.

The exhibit comes as Russia prepares to hold President Vladimir Putin's inauguration for a fifth term in office on May 7 and Victory Day celebrations on May 9. Victory Day commemorates the Soviet Union's defeat of Nazi Germany in World War Two and is one of Russia's most important holidays.