Russia continues attacks on Odesa in southern Ukraine

Russia has continued its missile attacks on the southern Ukrainian region of Odesa, leaving multiple casualties.

The governor of Odesa said on a social media post on Wednesday that three people died and three others were injured as the result of Russian ballistic missile attacks.
He said civil infrastructure has been damaged.

This came after a Russian missile attack killed five people on Monday. Ukrainian Prosecutor General Andriy Kostin later accused Russia of using a missile armed with a cluster warhead in that strike.

Meanwhile, Russia's defense ministry said its minister, Sergei Shoigu, heard reports from local commanding officers about the situation on the frontlines in Ukraine.

Shoigu expressed the need to increase the volume and quality of weapons supplied to troops in order to maintain the required pace of the offensive.

Russian forces have been stepping up their offensive on the frontlines in eastern Ukraine. The Ukrainian military is expected to receive weapons in the near future as Washington has decided to provide Kyiv with additional military support.

Shoigu's remarks apparently represent Russia's aim to further boost the country's war efforts in response to the expected Ukrainian arms buildup.