Israeli leaders concerned about possible ICC arrest warrants

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reacted sharply to media reports indicating that the International Criminal Court may issue arrest warrants for senior Israeli government officials.

The reports were in Israeli and US media. The ICC has been continuing its investigation into Israel's military offensive in the Gaza Strip.

Netanyahu criticized the potential ICC move in a statement on Tuesday. He said, "Israel is not even subject to the court's jurisdiction." He added that if the court issues arrest warrants against Israel's military commanders and state leaders for war crimes, it will be "an outrage of historic proportions."

Israeli President Isaac Herzog issued a statement on Tuesday. He said, "I unequivocally object to any attempt to abuse international legal institutions -- including the ICC -- to deny the state of Israel its basic rights."

US news website Axios has reported that on Sunday Netanyahu asked US President Joe Biden to help prevent the ICC from issuing arrest warrants for senior Israeli officials.