G7 adopts statement including phasing out coal power by early 2030s

Energy ministers from the Group of Seven nations have agreed to phase out unabated coal power generation during the first half of the 2030s, along with an alternative phase-out timeframe.

The ministers wrapped up the two-day talks in Turin, Italy, on Tuesday. The meeting followed the COP28 UN climate change conference last year.

The communique issued after the meeting says the G7 will end the use of coal in power generation by the mid-2030s, "or in a timeline consistent with keeping a limit of 1.5-degree Celsius temperature rise within reach, in line with countries' net-zero pathways."

The document also urges other countries to submit their new emission reduction targets for 2030 and beyond by early next year.

The communique states that the G7 aims to triple global renewable energy capacity by 2030. It sets the goal of increasing energy storage more than six-fold to 1,500 gigawatts from the current levels through batteries and other methods.

The communique also says the G7 nations will step up cooperation in supporting developing countries in Africa and other regions for climate action.