Wooden temporary housing completed in Wajima, four months after quake

Temporary housing units built of wood have been completed in Wajima City, Ishikawa Prefecture, which was hit by an earthquake four months ago.

The powerful earthquake struck Ishikawa's Noto Peninsula, where Wajima is located, on January 1.

About 2,800 temporary housing units are needed for people affected by the quake in the city, and 800 units have been built so far.

In the city's Najimi district, prefectural officials inspected 100 newly built temporary housing units in 27 wooden buildings on Tuesday.

Officials said these are the first wooden temporary housing units to be completed in the prefecture. They plan to have occupants move in from mid-May.

The wooden units, which use lumber from the prefecture for walls and floors, can be used longer than prefabricated ones, the officials added.

Three types of floor plans are available. Household appliances including refrigerators and washing machines can be installed as needed by residents.

Wajima plans to allow occupants to stay in the temporary units for up to two years.