Volcano in Indonesia erupts, Japan still watching for impact

Japan's Meteorological Agency has still been checking for any possible impact following the eruption of a volcano in Indonesia. The agency says so far there are no significant changes in tidal levels in and around Japan.

Agency officials say that Mount Ruang in North Sulawesi province erupted early Tuesday.

They say smoke was seen rising from the volcano as high as 19,000 meters. Officials have been observing tidal changes and other phenomenon caused by the eruption.

The agency has been issuing such information since a massive undersea eruption in the South Pacific near Tonga two years ago made sea levels surge around Japan.

Mount Ruang previously erupted on April 17, forcing about 800 residents to flee to another island.

Authorities in Indonesia urged people around the volcano to evacuate immediately after Tuesday's eruption. They also told residents of a nearby island to stay alert for possible tsunami.