Japan delivers mobile air surveillance radar system to Philippines

Japan has delivered a mobile air surveillance radar system to the Philippines amid rising tensions between Manila and Beijing in the South China Sea.

Japan's State Minister of Defense Oniki Makoto and Philippine defense secretary Gilberto Teodoro were among officials who attended the handover ceremony in Manila on Monday.

The Philippine government has signed a contract with a major Japanese manufacturer for the delivery of radar units that have been developed for exports based on the system employed by Japan's Self-Defense Forces.

Oniki said that if Japan and the Philippines strengthen surveillance capabilities and work together amid the increasingly severe security environment in the Indo-Pacific region, it will contribute to enhanced deterrence.

Teodoro said that the two countries face similar challenges, and called for cooperation to address them.

The Philippine military says the mobile radar is capable of accurate tracking of vessels at sea, as well as drones and aircraft, and can be easily deployed and operated in places such as remote islands.

Manila plans to acquire a total of four radar systems from Japan by 2026.

It is also due to receive five maritime surveillance radar systems under Japan's new Official Security Assistance framework to provide defense equipment and other supplies to like-minded countries.