Violin case of orchestra leader on Titanic fetches 290,000 pounds

A violin case which belonged to the leader of an orchestra on board the luxury steamship Titanic has been auctioned in Britain.

Britain's public broadcaster BBC has reported that the brown leather bag fetched 290,000 pounds, or about 362,000 dollars, on Saturday.

The orchestra led by Wallace Hartley continued to play on the deck of Titanic to calm panicked passengers as the ship struck an iceberg and began to sink in 1912.

The auction house says the leather bag, which carries Hartley's initials "W. H. H.," was a gift from his fiancee.

Hartley's body was recovered after the disaster with the case containing the violin strapped to it. He possibly used it for buoyancy.

The violin case has fallen into the hands of a number of people after it was returned to his fiancee.

It needed to be validated by scientific tests before it was put on auction.