Ocean observation deck reopens for visitors in quake-hit Suzu City

An observation deck in Ishikawa Prefecture's Suzu City has reopened nearly four months after a massive earthquake struck central Japan on New Year's Day.

The deck, located on the tip of the headland, reopened on Saturday to coincide with the start of Japan's spring holiday season. The facility is a popular tourist spot that offers views of the Sea of Japan, but it suspended operations following the disaster.

The attraction's operator says it hopes volunteers and others who come to the city to help with reconstruction work will enjoy the region's natural beauty.

The operator says the quake caused little damage to the deck, but some of the rocks protruding from the sea are now 1.5 meters taller after the quake lifted the seabed.

On Sunday, many visitors enjoyed the scenery.

A man visiting the region to survey the quake damage says he came to the deck on his day off, and that looking at the beautiful view refreshes him.

Tone Shuichi, the president of the company operating the facility, says he is grateful that many people are coming to help the city. He says he wants them to know that the area has attractive landscapes they can enjoy.