Trainspotters enjoy rare daylight carriage transport in Yamaguchi Pref.

Railway fans in western Japan enjoyed a rare sight on Saturday morning as newly built train carriages were paraded on trailers through the city of Kudamatsu, Yamaguchi Prefecture. It is unusual to see carriages transported during the daytime.

Two front carriages of the EMU3000 limited express train were shown off on a round trip between their factory and Kudamatsu Station. The cars are manufactured by electronics giant Hitachi in Kudamatsu. The station is about 1.5 kilometers from the factory.

The 21.7-meter carriages will be shipped to Taiwan by the end of the year, where they will undergo test runs and maintenance.

Happy trainspotters crowded sidewalks and took photographs.

A man in his 20s said he was glad to witness the scene as train cars are rarely seen moving through intersections and under pedestrian bridges.

Carriages are normally transported late at night to avoid traffic disruptions. But officials chose to stage the event to celebrate the 85th anniversary of Kudamatsu being awarded city status.