King Charles to resume public-facing duties after cancer diagnosis

Britain's King Charles is set to resume public-facing duties next week following a period of cancer treatment and recuperation.

Buckingham Palace announced on Friday that King Charles and his wife, Queen Camilla, will visit a cancer treatment center on Tuesday to meet healthcare workers and patients.

The royal household also said the king and queen will host Japan's Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako as state guests in June.

The 75-year-old king was diagnosed with cancer in January when he was admitted to a hospital in London to undergo an unrelated procedure for an enlarged prostate.

He had postponed duties that required him to be in public on the recommendation of doctors while receiving treatment as an outpatient.

Buckingham Palace said the king is now able to return to his duties as doctors say they are pleased with his progress.

King Charles will reportedly continue cancer treatment and adjust his schedule for his duties as necessary based on doctors' advice.

The king will mark the first anniversary of his coronation next month.

A statement from Buckingham Palace said, "Their Majesties remain deeply grateful for the many kindness and good wishes they have received from around the world throughout the joys and challenges of the past year."