Black man in US dies after being pinned down by police

A Black man in the Midwestern US state of Ohio has died after white police officers handcuffed him facedown on the floor. Police body-camera footage of the incident last week was released on Wednesday, and local prosecutors are reportedly conducting an investigation.

The Canton Police Department said that two officers responded to a call about a car accident on April 18. The officers found a man believed to be the driver inside a bar near the scene.

The video shows the officers struggling with the man and holding him facedown on the ground with their knees and hands on his back.

The man lay motionless after repeatedly saying he could not breathe. The police said that one of the officers found him unresponsive and performed CPR on him.

The man was identified as 53-year-old Frank Tyson, who lived in the neighborhood. He was pronounced dead at a hospital.

The local mayor said in a statement that he will respond with transparency.