Another senior Taiwan opposition member visits Beijing

A senior member of Taiwan's largest opposition party is visiting China. The trip is seen as another sign of closer ties between Beijing and the Kuomintang.

Fu Kun-chi arrived in the Chinese capital on Friday with 16 other party members.

Fu said the trip is aimed at promoting Taiwan's agriculture and tourism.

Officials with the ruling Democratic Progressive Party have criticized the visit. They say parliament is in session, and Fu was elected from Hualien city, which was hit hard by an earthquake earlier this month.

Dialogue between Beijing and the Kuomintang is increasing.

On April 10, Chinese President Xi Jinping met former Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou.

Sources say Beijing has asked Kuomintang leader Eric Chu to visit China.

A senior official in Taiwan's ruling party says China aims to disrupt the incoming administration of Lai Ching-te.