Australia in legal battle with X over stabbing footage

The Australian government is embroiled in a legal row with Elon Musk over the sharing of graphic footage on his social media platform X.

The videos show a church bishop being stabbed during a service in Sydney. The government says keeping them up could be damaging to young people.

A 16-year-old boy was arrested last week for allegedly wounding the bishop and worshippers during a service.

Australia's e-Safety Commissioner ordered X to remove the footage. The Australian Federal Court also ordered the platform to take down the videos by Wednesday through an interim injunction. The court extended the order until May 10th, saying X did not fully comply.

X's Global Government Affairs team says it fulfilled requests to hide the footage from Australian users, but that the videos "should not have been banned."

It added that the bishop who was stabbed says he wants the footage "to remain online."