Students, police clash on US campuses over Gaza

Protesters have been shattering the calm on university campuses across the US. Many pro-Palestinian students demanded on Wednesday that administrators end financial ties to Israel and to weapons manufacturers. Others are counter-protesting.

Columbia University in New York has taken center stage in the demonstrations. Protestors have been camping on the university grounds for more than a week.

Police have already made more than 100 arrests and have warned the demonstrators to dismantle their tents within the next few days.

Administrators have moved many in-person classes online to prioritize "safety." Protesters, however, say their demonstrations have been peaceful.

One student who was arrested said she thinks Columbia University has "truly traumatized" her and her classmates and is "threatening police sweeps."

Some lawmakers have labeled the protesters as "antisemitic mobs." The speaker of the House of Representatives, Mike Johnson, met with Jewish students on Wednesday. He said they are living "in fear."

Johnson added, "If the threats and intimidation are not stopped, there is an appropriate time for the National Guard."

He also called on university president Minouche Shafik to resign if she cannot immediately bring order to what he called "chaos."