New-energy vehicles in spotlight at Beijing motor show

Auto industry reps and car lovers have descended on the Chinese capital for one of the world's biggest trade events. The crowds at this year's Beijing motor show are buzzing about the latest new-energy vehicles from across the world.

Roughly 1,500 auto and parts makers and other firms are taking part.

EVs and plug-in hybrid cars are among the new-energy vehicles generating the most hype. The sector now accounts for a third of all car sales in China, which is the world's biggest market.

Auto firms aren't the only businesses with a presence. Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is giving the crowds a close-up look at an EV car it put on the market a few weeks ago. The firm says orders have already topped 75,000.

Japan's Toyota has also unveiled some new EVs at the event. The firm announced it will collaborate with Chinese IT giant Tencent to develop software for EVs and other vehicles.

EVs are enormously popular in China. But growth in sales is slowing as consumers look for options with better mileage limitations.

Motorists are increasingly turning to plug-in hybrid cars, which can travel longer distances.

Japan's Nissan is showcasing two concept plug-in hybrid models at the show.

China's Geely Auto Group has also announced a plug-in hybrid model. It says the car has a maximum range of 2,000 kilometers.