IHI subsidiary found to have falsified engine data

Japanese engineering giant IHI has admitted that one of its subsidiaries falsified fuel consumption numbers for its engines.

Directors of the group apologized in a news conference on Wednesday. IHI Power Systems was found to have inflated fuel efficiency in a report for buyers. The doctored figures were for trial runs of engines for ships, trains and other products.

Out of about 5,500 total units produced from 2003 onwards, 4,361 had fabricated data. They were shipped to domestic and overseas markets.

IHI says that 2,058 of the engines failed to clear levels agreed upon in business contracts.

The officials say an employee of the subsidiary reported the issue in February. They say that there are no safety concerns with the engines.

The government has launched an investigation. The transport ministry has called on IHI Power Systems to report on the details.