Kim Jong Un's sister reacts to US criticism of N.Korean missile launch

The sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has countered US criticism of Pyongyang's recent missile launch, blaming the United States for aggravating the situation on the Korean Peninsula with a series of military exercises.

On Monday, US State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller criticized the ballistic missile launch by Pyongyang, saying it violated multiple UN Security Council resolutions.

The Wednesday edition of North Korea's ruling Workers' Party newspaper, Rodong Sinmun, carried a statement issued by Kim Yo Jong.

The statement said the US, together with Japan and South Korea, are ceaselessly staging military exercises against North Korea almost every week.

It argued this has resulted in tensions "soaring in the region like a kindled detonating fuse."

In the statement, Kim said North Korea will continue to build up its "overwhelming and most powerful military muscle" to defend its sovereignty and regional peace.

North Korea's foreign ministry also released a statement on Wednesday that said missile launches are an exercise of the country's right to self-defense.

Concerned nations are staying on high alert as Pyongyang may repeat missile launches.