Airstrikes continue in Gaza, UN calls for investigations into mass graves

The Israeli military continued to carry out intense air strikes against Hamas in northern Gaza on Tuesday.

On that day, Israel told residents in parts of the northern town of Beit Lahiya to move to designated zones.

The Israeli military posted a message on social media on Tuesday. It said that four rockets had crossed "from the areas of Beit Lahiya." It said jets had struck those areas and nearby targets, including operational tunnel shafts and military structures.

It said warnings were issued prior to the strikes and that civilians were encouraged to temporarily evacuate from the areas. Video footage showed explosions and flames rising.

Meanwhile, Al Jazeera reported on Tuesday that at least 310 bodies had been found at Nasser Hospital in the southern Gazan city of Khan Younis. Israeli forces withdrew from the hospital earlier this month.

Reuters news agency quoted Israeli forces as saying that the claim that they buried the bodies is "baseless and unfounded."

The Israeli military reportedly said its troops dug up some bodies at the site and reburied them after examinations were conducted to make sure no Israeli hostages were among them.

Many bodies are also said to have been found at the Al-Shifa hospital, the Gaza Strip's largest medical complex.

A spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights quoted the human rights chief on Tuesday as saying that he was horrified by the reported discovery of the mass graves.

The chief has called for independent, effective and transparent investigations into the deaths.