German far-right party staffer detained for allegedly spying for China

Legal authorities in Germany have announced the detention of an aide to a German far-right member of the European Parliament on suspicion of giving information about the assembly to China's intelligence agency.

The allegation came a day after the authorities announced the arrest of three German citizens for allegedly passing on technology that has military applications to China's intelligence agency.

They said in a statement on Tuesday that the suspect, who worked for a member of the far-right Alternative for Germany, or AfD, was actually employed by China's intelligence agency.

They said the man was found to have repeatedly handed information about decisions in the European assembly to China in January. They said that the man is also alleged to have gathered information on Chinese dissidents in Germany.

The AfD member, who employed the man as his assistant, is the party's top candidate in a European Parliament election in June.

Following the revelation of the allegations, other parties are calling on the legislator to resign from the parliament.

China's Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin told reporters on Tuesday that the allegation is intended to sour "the atmosphere of China-EU cooperation" through the so-called "threat of Chinese spies."

Wang also said, "We hope that relevant people in Germany will ditch the Cold War mentality and stop the political manipulation aimed at China with so-called 'spy risks.'"