30 tons of yellowfin tuna unloaded at Kagoshima port

A large haul of yellowfin tuna has been unloaded at a major port for deep-sea fishing boats in Ichikikushikino City, Kagoshima Prefecture, southwestern Japan.

A welcome ceremony was held on Monday for a vessel that returned with about 30 tons of yellowfin tuna caught off the coast of Mozambique in southeast Africa.

A crane was used to lift the frozen fish, which weigh about 40 kilograms each.

The port is home to 18 long-liners and is one of the largest in the country for deep-sea tuna-fishing vessels. Most catches are unloaded at ports in Shizuoka Prefecture, which is closer to Tokyo and other major consumer regions.

The president of a local seafood company said the fishers worked hard for their catch far offshore and he hopes everyone can enjoy the tasty fish.

Officials say the tuna will be consumed locally and at restaurants in the Kyushu region.