Live music gets more real in digital reality worlds

Advances in mixed reality headsets and other technologies are combining real and digital worlds to bring new levels of experience to live music entertainment.

Canon says it has developed a mixed-reality headset tailored for music performances.

The company says the technology uses as many as 50 cameras at live music venues to collect and then reproduce visual and acoustic effects in its headset.

Canon says the product provides the live experience in more realistic detail than currently available technology.
Canon official Muraki Junya said, "This technology allows a user to have a musical experience usually only available in a concert hall. We think the technology will have applications in education and entertainment."

In a related development, the Toranomon Hills complex in Tokyo has a 300-seat orchestra event hall, but was designed with so-called digital twin technology.

This allows as many as 10,000 people to watch live performances online in a metaverse-like environment.
The digital viewers can even choose their seats for performances.

Telecom firm KDDI and Mori Building jointly manage the hall, which opened in March.