Gaza report puts damage at more than 18 billion dollars

The World Bank and the United Nations have been researching the impact of the fighting in the Gaza Strip. They have estimated the cost of damage to critical infrastructure at more than 18 billion dollars.

The report issued on Tuesday assessed the effects of fighting between Israeli forces and Hamas militants through the end of January. It said housing accounts for 72 percent of the cost and debris will take years to remove. It found 84 percent of health facilities have been damaged or destroyed, and the entire population is experiencing "acute food insecurity and malnutrition."

Residents have seen some of those sent to help them put that help on hold. US-based aid group World Central Kitchen has suspended operations after seven members of its team were killed in an Israeli airstrike.

The founder of the group, Jose Andres, said on Wednesday, "We were targeted deliberately -- nonstop -- until everybody was dead in this convoy."

Another US-based group, Anera, has paused its operations, saying delivering aid safely is "no longer feasible." UN officials have suspended movements in Gaza during the night so that they can reevaluate security.