Tokyo police arrest 4 for mediating prostitution in US

Tokyo police have arrested a company president and three others for mediating prostitution in the United States.

Those arrested include 53-year-old Usui Yoshio, the president of a company that operates dating clubs, as well as the firm's 43-year-old accounting executive.

The Metropolitan Police Department says the suspects operated a website that offered overseas jobs.

The police say the suspects recruited two women in their 20s and 30s for a prostitution ring in the US between March and April last year.

They suspect the four violated Japan's Employment Security Act.

The police say both Usui and the accounting executive have admitted to the charge.

The suspects are believed to have set up the website around June 2021, and recruited more than 200 women for prostitution rings in other countries, including the US, Australia and Canada.

Tokyo police were informed by US investigative authorities last year that a Japanese woman who used the website was suspected of attempting to enter the US to work as a prostitute.

A series of cases have been reported of women from Japan who traveled overseas for prostitution purposes and were questioned by local investigators or were assaulted or threatened by clients.