Rescuers search for survivors after Taiwan quake

Authorities in Taiwan say that the earthquake that occurred Wednesday morning killed at least 9 people and injured more than 1,000. They are overseeing an urgent search-and-rescue effort.

A local TV channel reported that more than 20 people were rescued from a collapsed building in the eastern city of Hualien. It said that one person was found dead there. A rescue worker said the first and second floors of the building were severely damaged, making the work difficult.

The worst damage from the magnitude 7.2 quake was seen in Hualien County, where homes and businesses buckled from their foundations or simply gave way.

A female resident was trapped in the collapsed building but was rescued. She said that she was trapped inside the door because she could not open the door.

A male resident said: "The first jolt caused the building's facade to fall off. The structure did not collapse at that time so people could get out. The second jolt knocked the whole thing sideways."

The earthquake has been followed by a series of tremors. Rescuers are checking inside buildings for anyone trapped.

Local media say landslides have cut off some roads and railways running in mountainous areas.

Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen said at an emergency headquarters that the government must ensure accurate information is sent out.

Tsai said: "The armed forces will give assistance. The central and local governments will cooperate with each other to minimize the impact of the disaster."

Taiwan has received offers of help from around the world, including Japan. Prime Minister Kishida Fumio said his country is ready to provide necessary support.