Japan, US leaders to review command operations

Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio is planning to review with US President Joe Biden the command and control framework of Japan's Self-Defense Forces and the US military based in Japan.

The aim of the review is to make their cooperation smoother. Kishida is scheduled to meet Biden next week during an official visit to the United States.

The leaders are expected to agree that the two countries will promote strategic cooperation as "global partners" in the face of increasingly complex global issues.

They are also expected to acknowledge that defense and security is central to that cooperation.

The two will likely agree to establish a system to allow repairs of US navy vessels in Japan and to deepen cooperation in the development and production of defense equipment.

The leaders are also expected to agree to launch high-level dialogue for promoting decarbonization through expanding use of clean energy. This is in response to the global need for a stable energy supply.