'Moonlight' cherry tree lit up for visitors

A single giant cherry tree standing on a hill in Otsuki Town, Kochi Prefecture, southwestern Japan, has been illuminated to attract visitors enjoying the cherry blossom viewing season.

The tree, standing over 13 meters high, is believed to be nearly 200 years old. As the white blossoms are said to shine under the night sky, it goes by the name "moonlight cherry blossom."

It has been lit up by a local group since March 23.

Many people have been visiting the area in the evenings to appreciate the seasonal beauty of the tree, a yamazakura variety. They were seen taking photos of the entrancing sight.

A man from Ehime Prefecture who was visiting for the first time said the tree looked "magnificent in its solitude," but he should have come a bit earlier to enjoy the peak of its beauty.

The tree will be illuminated through Sunday.