Sapporo Breweries starts brewing again in Ebisu

One of Japan's biggest beer makers has opened a new brewery in central Tokyo. The launch marks the first time in about 36 years for Sapporo Breweries to make beer in the Ebisu district.

Officials held a ceremony to mark the facility's opening. It's located not far from the popular Shibuya shopping and entertainment district.

Sapporo invested over 11 million dollars in the site. The new brewery will be able to produce 130 kiloliters of beer annually. Visitors can get a firsthand look at how it's made.

There is also a bar where people can taste just-brewed beer and limited edition varieties only available onsite. The facility also has a museum where visitors can learn about the history of the company and the beer.

Sapporo's predecessor company started brewing beer in Ebisu in 1890. The nearby Ebisu train station and surrounding area were named after the brand. The company closed the brewery in 1988 as it was unable to follow through with expansion plans.

Oga Masaki, the President of Sapporo Holdings said: "We can offer people in central Tokyo a new way to enjoy beer. The facility may be relatively small in terms of output, but it will help bring an awareness of our brand and provide a new appeal to the area."

Sapporo expects the site will attract about 250 thousand visitors a year.