People in Okinawa evacuate from coast after quake, tsunami warning

People across Okinawa Prefecture evacuated from the coast on Wednesday morning after an earthquake off the coast of Taiwan prompted a tsunami warning, which was later lifted.

Officials in Yonaguni Island called on residents to evacuate to higher ground, as they did so themselves.

Okinawa's main airport in Naha city ordered all commercial flights scheduled to land there to change destinations.

People at the airport, which is near the ocean, were evacuated to the third floor of the building.

Police and firefighters in Okinawa prefecture's Naha city called on people to immediately evacuate to higher ground or buildings.

An exchange student from Nepal who made his way to a park on higher ground in Naha city said, "I came to Japan six months ago. I have never experienced a tsunami warning so I was very scared."

All travelers and personnel in Miyako Island airport were told to evacuate to the second and third floors. The airport is located near the coast.