Ukrainian media: Drones struck deep inside Russian territory

At least 13 people have been injured in drone attacks in the central Russian republic of Tatarstan.

Ukrainian media outlets are reporting that the attacks were carried out by Ukraine's Defense Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense and the Security Service of Ukraine.

Authorities in Tatarstan said on Tuesday that drones had struck two locations in the republic. They said a strike on a factory left at least 13 people injured, including students who were working there.

They also said an attack on an oil refinery caused a fire.

Ukrainian media outlets say drones capable of flying long distances were used.

Tatarstan is located more than 1,000 kilometers from Russia's border with Ukraine. Russian media outlets say this is the first time that the region has come under attack.

Meanwhile, Russia has been increasing its attacks on energy facilities in Ukraine.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu told senior military officials on Tuesday that the country's troops used missiles and drones to carry out 192 attacks on energy infrastructure sites in Ukraine in March.

Shoigu also announced that Vice Admiral Sergei Pinchuk has been appointed as the new commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, which is based in Crimea. Moscow unilaterally annexed the region in southern Ukraine in 2014.