Defense Ministry investigates 'drone video' showing destroyer at MSDF base

Japan's Defense Ministry is investigating a video on social media that claims to have been shot by a drone flying over a destroyer at a Maritime Self-Defense Force base near Tokyo.

The about 20 second video was posted in late March. A comment said the person who uploaded it flew a drone from rear to fore over the ship's deck.

The Izumo destroyer is stationed at the MSDF's Yokosuka base. The video carries the name of a Chinese video sharing site.

Flying drones over SDF bases without authorization is prohibited by law.

The Defense Ministry is investigating how the video was posted and if the images were faked or edited.

The Maritime Self-Defense Force's chief of staff, Admiral Sakai Ryo, told reporters on Tuesday that an investigation is underway to determine whether the video was shot by a drone. He says the MSDF will take every possible measure to guard its bases.