Shrimp season starts in Japan's Toyama Bay

Fleets working along the Sea of Japan coast have kicked off the shrimp season with a good haul of a transparent pink variety known as the jewel of Toyama Bay.

A local fisheries association says about 270 kilograms of broad velvet shrimp were unloaded as the first catch at the port of Shinminato on Monday.

Some were as long as 7 centimeters and bigger-than-usual for this time of year. The broad velvets were put up for auction right away and fetched relatively high prices.

Catching the shrimp involves using nets near the sea bed. Fishers had been concerned that the massive New Year's Day quake that hit the nearby Noto Peninsula might result in a reduced catch.

But the fisheries association says no trouble has been reported.

Shrimp season peaks through July and August, and continues until November.