Israeli military announces end of 2-week raid on Al-Shifa hospital

Israel says its troops have left Al-Shifa hospital in northern Gaza after completing operations against what it calls "terrorist operatives" there. Officials in Gaza have condemned the assault as a "crime against humanity."

Israeli forces said on Monday that they detained about 500 suspects affiliated with terrorist organizations during the raid that lasted more than two weeks. They said they have also killed 200 people.

Reuters news agency has released footage that shows the scale of destruction at Al-Shifa and surrounding areas. It also shows a makeshift grave where many bodies are believed to be buried.

Officials in Gaza say Israeli forces have killed more than 400 people in and around the hospital complex.

They call the raid a "clear crime" against international law, as well as international humanitarian law and protocols. The officials urged all countries around the world, the United Nations and other organizations to condemn Israel.

Health authorities in Gaza say that as of Monday, the death toll in the enclave had risen to 32,845 since Israel launched its military offensive last October.