Ukraine police: 100 Russian soldiers identified who committed Bucha war crimes

Ukrainian police say they have identified more than 100 Russian soldiers who they say committed war crimes in the town of Bucha in the early days of Russia's invasion.

The national police made the announcement on Sunday, the second anniversary of the liberation of the town near Kyiv.

Investigators wrote on social media that "The city was under occupation for 28 days. Kidnapping, torture, rape, looting and murder of civilians, including children, is not a complete list of what the Russian military committed there during this time."

They also said they interviewed hundreds of witnesses and analyzed security camera footage to identify the suspects.

Local authorities say 509 people were killed in Bucha when the town was briefly put under Russian control.

At a memorial ceremony, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said, "The bodies of our people, which were found on the streets of Bucha, demonstrated that no one in the world can stay away from this battle." He stressed the need for the international community to unite and continue to confront Russia.

Meanwhile, the Kremlin said on Sunday that Russian President Vladimir Putin signed an executive order to draft 150,000 people for military service.

Russia carries out conscription in the spring and fall.
Usually recruits are not supposed to be sent abroad, but observers say the government may let them sign new contracts so soldiers can be dispatched to Ukraine.