E-commerce firms in Japan change delivery service plans

E-commerce firms in Japan are making changes to their delivery services after an overtime cap for the country's truck drivers took effect. The new regulation has caused concern that it could lead to a decline in transportation capacity.

Major online fashion retailer Zozo raised its delivery fee for orders placed after 12 p.m. on Monday. The fee went up about 30 percent, to 330 yen, or about 2 dollars 18 cents, regardless of the size of the product and the destination.

Zozo says it decided on the hike after receiving a request from the major carrier that makes its deliveries.

Flea-market app operator Mercari introduced a new delivery service for Tokyo and three neighboring prefectures in late March. It offers a flat rate with an upper limit in size, on the condition of an unattended delivery.

Mercari says that when customers use other shipping plans, unattended delivery is now shown on its app as the basic option.

The firm says that to ease the burden on drivers it wants to reduce redelivery cases.