US approves new transfer of weapons to Israel, US media reports

US media outlets have reported that Washington approved the transfer of fighter jets and bombs to Israel, as it continues its military operations in Gaza.

Palestinian Foreign Ministry criticized the move, saying, "Demanding Netanyahu to stop killing civilians and supplying him with weapons is an unprecedented principled and moral contradiction."

The Washington Post reported on Friday that the US administration under President Joe Biden this month "quietly" authorized the transfer of bombs and fighter jets to Israel.

The arms package, worth several billion dollars, reportedly includes 25 F-35A fighter jets and more than 2,300 bombs.

The administration, reportedly, did not provide fresh notification to Congress as the transfer had already been approved years ago.

Washington keeps supplying weapons to Israel, despite its concern about further civilian casualties in Israel's planned ground offensive on the southern city of Rafah.

The Israeli military has continued its operations in central and northern parts of Gaza. It said on Saturday in a social media post that Hamas fighters were killed by air strikes and their compounds had been struck.

The health authority in Gaza on Saturday said at least 32,705 Palestinians have been killed including 82 people who were killed in the past 24 hours.