UN agency exhibits photographs of landmine toll in Ukraine

A UN agency is staging a photography exhibition in Ukraine to show how the country is suffering from landmine contamination as Russia continues its invasion.

The United Nations Development Programme, or UNDP, launched the event in the capital Kyiv on Friday, ahead of the International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance on April 4. It is a joint project with the Legacy of War Foundation, an international charity providing support to civilians affected by conflict.

The exhibits feature about 15 photos taken by Giles Duley, a British photographer who lost his arm to a mine.

One photo taken in Kyiv in March shows a soldier standing together with his wife. He suffered a fractured skull and was blinded in both eyes while removing landmines on the frontline in the country's east.

The man is now working with his wife to support soldiers who have lost their sight in similar incidents. The couple are smiling in the photograph, suggesting a sense of hope.

In another image, a woman involved in demining work poses adjacent to landmine warning signs. She looks intensely into the camera.

A visitor said the photographs tell of how people have overcome their hardship.

The Ukrainian government estimates nearly 30 percent of the country may be littered with landmines.

Duley said explosives must be removed as soon as possible, or even children who are yet to be born could become victims.