Businesses in Hong Kong wary a week after implementation of security legislation

Saturday marks one week since Hong Kong's new national security legislation took effect. Some international businesses there are raising concerns about how the legislation will be applied.

The legislation came into effect on March 23 after the Legislative Council unanimously passed it. The legislation prohibits acts that endanger national security, including theft of state secrets, espionage and external interference.

The Hong Kong government maintains that the legislation creates a good business environment by safeguarding national security. But there are concerns that information acquired by businesses could be deemed state secrets.

The president of the German Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, Johannes Hack, told NHK that the legislation has yet to have any significant impact.

He said the definition of state secrets can be broad, and that businesses will need to keep a close watch on how the legislation is implemented.

He also said it's important for Hong Kong to strike the right balance between openness and security to maintain its attractiveness as an international business hub.

He expressed hope for continued dialogue with the Hong Kong government over concerns and questions about the legislation's implementation.