Some European countries allege Russia propaganda campaign to influence elections

Some countries in Europe say Russia may have paid multiple politicians as Moscow bids to influence the elections for the European Parliament in June.

The Czech Republic's intelligence authorities announced on Thursday that the country sanctioned the Voice of Europe news site and two individuals.

The main narratives disseminated by the Voice of Europe website reportedly included the claim that further support for Ukraine only prolongs the war and prevents peace.

The content was allegedly controlled and funded directly by Moscow.

The Czech authorities said one of the aims of the propaganda was to influence the European Parliament elections, and that money from Moscow was also apparently used to pay politicians to spread Russian propaganda.

Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo told Belgian lawmakers on Thursday that Russia apparently paid some members of the European Parliament to promote Russian propaganda.

Some observers say that in the upcoming European parliamentary elections, far-right and right-wing parties that are critical of EU policies, such as continued support for Ukraine, are expected to gain seats.

Other groups in parliament are calling for a thorough investigation into the allegations of Russia's propaganda campaign and payments to some members.