JR Central cancels plan to begin maglev-train service in 2027

Central Japan Railway has told the government it cannot meet the 2027 target to start the country's maglev bullet train service.

It says objections from local authorities along the planned route have prevented construction work.

The magnetically levitated train can hit top speeds of 500 kilometers an hour. It's set to run between Tokyo's Shinagawa Station and Nagoya Station in Aichi Prefecture.

JR Central told the transport ministry on Friday that construction of the line in Shizuoka Prefecture hasn't started even six years after the contract was signed.

Local authorities have refused to approve the construction work, citing environmental concerns such as threats to water levels in a major river.

The company says it would take around 10 years to complete the project in Shizuoka. That means the train will not be running until 2034 at the earliest.