Jetstar Japan says participants of strikes could face disciplinary action: union

The labor union of the low-cost carrier Jetstar Japan says it has postponed a strike after the company said participants could face disciplinary action.

The Jetstar Crew Association had planned a strike to protest the company's effective dismissal of a union executive earlier this month.

The union notified the airline that it would launch the strike on Friday, without mentioning the number of participants.

In response, the carrier told the union that it would consider disciplinary action against participants of strikes if it was not notified of their scale and duration at least 48 hours in advance.

At a news conference on Friday, an executive member of the union said half of its members decided not to take part after they were informed about the possible consequences.

He said the management's move is a violation of the Labor Union Act and a blatant intervention in union affairs.

Jetstar officials said that as a public transportation service, it is crucial to minimize disruptions. They said failure to provide at least 48 hours' notice regarding strikes, including the number of participants and other details, renders them illegitimate and unacceptable.

The labor union carried out a strike between December 22 last year and January 1. During that time, if there were 15 or more participants, the union notified the company at least 48 hours in advance. If there were 14 or less, notice was given by 6 p.m. on the previous day.

The union and the management appear to be at odds over whether such notification is necessary this time.