Line operator to review ties with South Korea's Naver

NHK has learned that Line messaging app operator LY Corporation will be cutting back on outsourcing to South Korean tech giant Naver.
The move comes after the personal data of over half a million users was leaked last year.

Japan's communications ministry gave LY administrative guidance earlier this month.

It asked the firm to come up with measures to prevent a recurrence by April first. It cited insufficient oversight of Naver, which caused the leak, as a factor.

Sources say LY plans to decouple from Naver in phases, while verifying the impact on services and users.

Line went into service in 2011. Naver was the parent company of the then operator of the free app. The firm has provided LY with technical assistance.

The communications ministry also asked LY to review its capital relationship with Naver, which holds a 50-percent stake in LY's parent firm. LY is planning talks with Naver and SoftBank, which owns the other half.