Two lotteries to go on sale to help rebuild Japan's quake-hit areas

Japan's internal affairs ministry says tickets for two types of lotteries will go on sale to help rebuild communities affected by the New Year's Day earthquake.

Internal affairs minister Matsumoto Takeaki announced the plan on Friday. He urged people to buy the lottery tickets to help people in the quake-hit areas.

Tickets for the online "QuickOne" lottery will go on sale next Monday. Tickets for the "Dream Jumbo" lottery will be available from May 8.

The entire proceeds of the "QuickOne" lottery, and 4 billion yen, or around 26.5 million dollars, of the proceeds from the "Dream Jumbo" lottery, will be distributed to local governments in the quake-hit region. The prefectures of Ishikawa, Toyama, Niigata and Fukui, as well as the city of Niigata, are likely recipients.