Japan Diet enacts fiscal 2024 budget by majority vote from LDP-Komeito coalition

Japan's Diet has enacted the budget for the next fiscal year that starts in April with majority support from the main ruling Liberal Democratic Party and its coalition partner Komeito.

The budget for fiscal 2024, totaling about 112 trillion yen or about 726 billion dollars, was approved by the Upper House budget committee on Thursday. The figure exceeds 110 trillion yen for the second straight year.

At an Upper House plenary session, Nakanishi Yusuke of the LDP stressed that the government should address current issues, such as measures for quake survivors in the Noto Peninsula, and rising living costs nationwide.

He said that people need politicians who can implement policies and a budget with a strong sense of responsibility and determination.

Onuma Takumi of the largest opposition Constitutional Democratic Party blamed the LDP for the growing public distrust with politics, citing its members' funds scandal.

He asked why the LDP is not trying to reform itself and clarify what really happened. He urged other lawmakers to vote against the budget bill which he called a condensation of the LDP's slush fund scandal and its unethical political stance.

The budget bill was approved by a majority vote that followed the deliberations with support from the ruling coalition.