Thai lower house passes bill for same-sex marriages

Thailand could soon become the first country in Southeast Asia to allow same-sex marriage. A bill to amend the civil code breezed through the lower house on Wednesday.

Just 10 out of 415 lawmakers voted against the bill, which still requires both Senate and royal approval.

The legislation calls for changing the legal wording for wedded couples from "man and woman" to "individuals."
The term "husband and wife" would become "marriage partners."

Same-sex spouses would also gain rights to inheritance, and be allowed to adopt children.

One person said, "I am pleased the legislation has passed. And I hope it will be implemented, because it will likely benefit many people."

Another person said: "Lots of people around me are LGBTQ. They all want this bill to pass, because they want to be able to marry just like everyone else."

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin says the legislation's approval is a proud moment in Thailand's transition to a more equal and respectful society.