Sumo stable headed by ex-Yokozuna grand champion Hakuho to temporarily shut down

The Japan Sumo Association says the stable headed by former Yokozuna grand champion Hakuho will be shut down temporarily, with all its members being transferred to another stable headed by a senior stable master.

The decision announced on Thursday follows disciplinary measures taken against Hakuho as a stable master.

Hakuho, now known as Miyagino as a stable master, was demoted and received a pay cut in February this year for his failure to exercise proper supervision over repeated acts of violence committed by one of the wrestlers in his stable against junior wrestlers.

The association says that from the next tournament in May and thereafter, all wrestlers who belong to the Miyagino stable will be competing as members of a stable headed by Isegahama, a senior stable master.

Hakuho himself will also be transferred to that stable to receive guidance and education from Isegahama on being a responsible stable master.

The Isegahama stable features some of the best known wrestlers, including Yokozuna Terunofuji, and rank-and-file Takerufuji, who, as a top-division Makuuchi rookie, made history by winning the March tournament.

A spokesperson for the association said the transfer is meant to be temporary, and does not mean the Miyagino stable will be abolished.

He expressed hope that Hakuho will grow as a leader and will be put in charge of his own stable again.

Hakuho won a record 45 tournaments in the top Makuuchi division before retiring from competition in 2021. He then became the head of the Miyagino stable in July 2022.